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This website is a collaboration between Western Colorado University’s ICELab, the Gunnison County Community Development Department, and the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association. Together our aim is to nurture new businesses, build existing ones, and provide the information necessary to move your business to the Gunnison Valley.

The ICELab

ICElab is a multi-agency innovation center that connects students, startups, inventors, and creatives in a living entrepreneurship laboratory. A state-of-the-art coworking space, business education and programming, and consulting services are all available from the ICELab. If your business is looking to expand or move to the Gunnison Valley, they’re your best first resource.

In addition the ICELab is a partner with, and houses, the Region 10 Small Business Development Center. Located in the ICELab offices on Western State Colorado University’s campus, the SBDC provides free consulting services to small businesses across Western Colorado.

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Gunnison County

As our county shifts to engage the tourism and outdoor recreation sectors we are losing revenue streams from mining and extraction. Building and developing a diverse economy is a major goal of Gunnison County. Their support allows us the resources to attract, retain, and inform businesses and start-ups in our valley.

In addition the One Valley Prosperity Project, led by the Community Builders Task Force, is the framework that guides our decisions in the field of economic development.

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Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association

The purpose of the Tourism Association is to implement an integrated marketing effort which promotes the Gunnison Valley as a year-round destination and enhances our visitors’ experience. Increasing total annual tourism/guest revenue is a primary goal of the Tourism Association, with an emphasis on overnight visitation.

The Tourism Association’s role in Economic Development developed from a request by the Gunnison’s Board of County Commissioners to leverage our connections in the outdoor industry. Our expertise in marketing, content production, and website design bring it all full circle.

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