In-Demand Jobs in Colorado

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people in Colorado jobless. Here in Gunnison Valley, the
unemployment rate shot up from 4% last March to 16% last April.
However, not all hope is lost. Businesses and establishments have slowly learned to adjust to the
pandemic by utilizing technology and social distancing measures. Furthermore, the much-awaited
vaccine has started rolling out across America this year. As the economy starts to recover,
individuals will be looking for jobs stable enough to withstand a post-pandemic world.
Industries that rely on on-site operations like tourism have taken a huge hit. However, other sectors
have actually needed to scramble to keep up with an increasing demand for skilled workers — from
the real estate industry to the world of healthcare. That being said, we’ve listed down a few sought-
after jobs in Colorado right now.

Loan and mortgage experts

Despite the economic downturn, home buying unexpectedly soared during the pandemic, spurred by
historically low interest rates and a demand for more spacious living spaces. In fact, a total of 5.64
million units had been sold by the end of 2020 – the highest home sales volume recorded in 15
And with a new round of Paycheck Protection Program loans on the way, demand for loan experts
and mortgage brokers have also increased. These individuals act as intermediaries between
borrowers and lenders to ensure both parties come to a mutual, beneficial agreement. Job seekers
looking to apply in this field will be pleased to know that there are remote work options available as
well, making working hours more flexible.


Nurses have serve as the healthcare system’s backbone in the battle against COVID-19, working
around the clock to provide much-needed care to distraught patients. But despite our nurses’ valiant
efforts, hospitals around the country are teetering on the edge of collapse as the pandemic
continues to pack hospitals to the brim.
This reinforces the need for a sustained supply of nurses at all levels of the healthcare infrastructure.
From registered nurses who administer treatment in hospital wards, careers in the nursing field can
extend all the way to nursing informatics specialists. These professionals combine nursing skills with
data analysis to improve the efficiency of hospital operations. Additionally, with more nurses
expected to enter the field this year, nurse managers, who serve as the central point of command in
nursing stations, will also be in high demand. Nurse educators are tasked to train these new recruits,
passing on key knowledge and best practices in hospitals to ensure the highest quality of patient
care. Moreover, the field will remain highly lucrative, with annual salaries ranging from $95,431 to
$101,097. Overall, nurses will continue to be an essential profession — pandemic or not.

Diversity officers

The Black Lives Matter movement has been building momentum for the past few years, sparked by
the deaths of people of color like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown. This year, George
Floyd and Breonna Taylor elevated the movement to new levels, bringing longstanding issues about
racial injustice to a head. Businesses and corporations of all sizes have been forced to address the
systemic inequalities embedded in their hiring and labor policies.
With the issue of diversity at the forefront of America’s consciousness, diversity and inclusion (D&I)
officers have become a hot commodity. These professionals are typically trained in human resource
management and business administration, to recruit and develop diverse employees who will serve
as assets for the company. Aside from that, D&I officers create new programs and initiatives, as well
as spearhead partnerships with other agencies to promote racial equality in the workplace.

Digital marketers

Much of the world has had to stay indoors this year. To cope with this shift, businesses have also
needed to move their operations to a virtual platform. As such, more companies will be looking to
hire digital marketers with the technical know-how to navigate the digital landscape and reach
customers online.
Digital marketing encompasses a wide set of skills. This is good news for communications majors,
visual art graduates, and data analysts who all possess valuable talents they can use to contribute to
marketing campaigns.
Thankfully, lots of resources are available for job seekers in Colorado. If you're ready to look for
employment, connect with The Gunnison Workforce Center or The Chambers of Commerce Events
for Business to get your job hunt started.

Author: Marga Hughes

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