The non-profit sector in the Gunnison Valley is thriving with over 50 organizations providing benefits to the community and beyond.

Arts and Culture Non-Profits

It’s no surprise that with dedicated community of artists across the valley, and a vibrant arts scene no matter where you look, that the Gunnison Valley has a wealth of non-profits dedicated to preserving and sharing the arts and culture in our area of Colorado.

Crested Butte was recently designated a Colorado Creative District. There are over 19 galleries, 10 performance venues, and creative events year-round.

In Gunnison you’ll find the hub of the arts and culture world is the Gunnison Arts Center. Monthly Artwalks during the summer and live music performances throughout the year are an important piece of the arts framework in the valley.

alpenglow free concert series crested butte

Alpenglow Free Concert Series

Recreation and Public Land Stewardship Non-Profits

It’s no secret that public land managers throughout the country lack the resources to pursue all of the opportunities available to them. Instead of bemoaning the fate of public lands and lack of budget, the Gunnison Valley has taken a more proactive approach. Public lands are a necessary aspect of our community for mental and physical health, happiness, and connectivity with our neighbors. They’re also a key economic driver. Several non-profits help the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service maintain and build trails on public lands, and even more are dedicated to protecting viewsheds, conservation easements, and our water systems from pollution and degradation.

gunnison trails clean up day at hartman rocks

Photo Credit: Gunnison Trails

Health and Wellness Non-Profits

With a rural feel, and a small population by most county’s standards, a number of local non-profits provide crucial health and wellness benefits to our population. In 2014 Gunnison County was ranked #1 for male life expectancy and #4 for female life expectancy in the entire country. Having a healthy and active lifestyle, combined with a non-profit sector that cares for its population has proven to be a win-win for those looking to live in our valley.

Photo Credit: Gunnison Valley Health

Community Service Non-Profits

Preserving our history, providing food and shelter to low-income residents, and improving the education of residents is a primary driver for many non-profits in the valley. We cherish the past while recognizing the challenges of the present and the future. Whether it’s the Gunnison Observatory providing a look into our solar system, the museums giving a look into our past,  or helping families in need, there’s not much missing when it comes to community service non-profits.

Photo Credit: Suzette Gainous suzettegainousphotography.com

Non-Profit Directory

Most of our non-profits are members of either the Gunnison Country Chamber of Commerce or the Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations have directories that they maintain of all member non-profits.

Non-Profit Employment

As an important economic driver, there are often opportunities to volunteer or work for the local network of non-profits. Work and volunteer opportunities are usually listed in both newspapers and updated weekly.


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