The Gunnison Valley offers relatively low real estate costs when compared to other Rocky Mountain Valleys with similar recreation amenities and opportunities. Compared to most other mountain valleys with a ski resort, great fishing, and outstanding mountain biking, our pricing is objectively low. The Gunnison Valley, and Gunnison in particular, is a great place to start or relocate a business.

However, like many other mountain valleys, a lack of affordable housing is a challenge. It is a challenge that the Gunnison Valley aims to take head-on through the One Valley Prosperity Project, in which affordable housing is one of the key pillars.

Residential Real Estate Market

The residential real estate market in the Gunnison Valley is complicated. There’s something to suit almost every buyer, from a classic mountain cabin to a ranch on the open range. A quaint, historic house within walking distance of schools, restaurants and shops, or a plot of untouched acres to make your own. But as a sought-after destination for second home buyers and tourists, home values have gone up, inventory is scarce and there’s been a significant shift toward short-term rentals.

Infographic Showcasing Facts About Housing in the Gunnison Valley

It may take a little effort to find the right home at the right price in the Gunnison Valley, but there are plenty of local resources to help you on your way to your dream home. A good place to start is the real estate directory at a local chamber:

OVPP Action Plan for Affordable Living

The One Valley Prosperity Project (OVPP) recognizes that housing affordability is the foundation for maintaining a diversity of residents and incomes in the Gunnison Valley, and in supporting local businesses and institutions. With a predominantly seasonal economy, it can be difficult for many of our current residents to afford the current housing market.  As part of the OVPP strategy, several affordable housing developments are underway or under consideration in Gunnison and Crested Butte. Learn more.





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