This is the Place: Karen Hoskin and Montanya Rum/Zoetica

Serial Entrepreneurs Welcome

From an early age, Karen has been exposed to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and she brings the best of it to the Gunnison Valley. Karen is a woman of action and a prime example of how to build a fulfilling life high in the Rockies. “This is the place where I can combine all the things I love: teaching, learning, and enjoying the environment” says Karen. She also loves building companies, as evidenced by Montanya and Zoetica.

karen hoskin riding bike montanya zoetica crested butte colorado

Resource Rich Environment

Karen has a give and take relationship with the many resources found in the Gunnison Valley. She uses some of the best water in the world and turns it into amazing rum. The people she has found to work at Montanya have a do-it-yourself attitude that has led to a highly productive company with impressive growth. Continuous learning on Karen’s part is passed on to the Western Colorado University interns she works with for a full semester. The vast and varied resources are not taken for granted as seen in her sustainability inspired Zoetica brand. The reusable everyday items she produces are built to be functional and sleek and at the same time reduce waste. The daily commute by bicycle is another testament to the resource consciousness made easy by the lifestyle available in the Gunnison Valley.

Author: Bryan Boyle

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