This is the Place: Lena Wilensky and Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions

Community Connection

Lena is an entrepreneur who knows that a community connection is one of the most important parts of living, working, and learning. The Gunnison Valley is the place she has found this connection and it is a part of her day to day whether she is riding her bike with her family or helping a friend achieve more affordable and sustainable energy through her company, Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions.

lena wilensky of nunatak alternative energy gunnison colorado

Built-in Balance

The outdoor recreation found in Gunnison County, which is greater than 80% public land, makes life/work balance an attainable goal for Lena. Stepping out the door to enjoy the trails at a moment’s notice is a clear benefit to working where you want to live. The impressive school system in such a beautiful valley is another piece of the puzzle that makes the Gunnison Valley the place for Lena.

Author: Bryan Boyle

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